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Why High Speed Dome Camera Generally Do Not Choose POE Switch Power Supply? Mar 06, 2018

Speed Dome is an intelligent cctv camera front-end, full name high-speed intelligent dome camera, or integrated high-speed ball smart ball, referred to as the speed dome. Speed Dome is the most complex and comprehensive monitoring system performance of the best camera front-end. Applicable to all walks of life large area, the activities of the target monitoring, such as intelligent building monitoring, bank security, urban road monitoring, the power sector, airports, station monitoring.

       Speed Dome, like other webcams, requires power to work in order to be monitored. Since PoE switches are now available for power supply, many of my friends are thinking of using PoE switches to power high-speed domes. In fact, PoE switches can power other cameras, but they do not necessarily provide high-speed dome power.

       Because the power of PoE power supply is limited, the maximum output power of a single port when the PoE switch is powered is 30W, and the high-speed power often exceeds 30W with high power. Therefore, the PoE switch can not be moved. Therefore, some high-speed ball network monitoring system, not using PoE switch power supply, but to use other power supply.

       In addition, some webcams with less than 30W or 25W power supply are a good choice for PoE switches. In addition to powering the webcam, the PoE switch can also power the AP. Like our Fengrun PoE switch, not only for monitoring but also for wireless networks.