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What Is Security Monitoring? Mar 06, 2018

What is security monitoring?

Security monitoring system is the use of camera or sensor technology, real-time, image, real-time monitoring of surveillance objects, and abnormal real-time alarm processing, such as: video surveillance, infrared surveillance, smoke monitoring, gas monitoring, burglar alarm.

Fourth, security monitoring system has those characteristics?

1, day and night imaging: with night vision function, day and night can be monitored;

2, a multi-screen: you can view multiple cameras at the same time real-time monitoring screen;

3, remote monitoring: go out, only where there is a network can be remotely monitored;

4, the history of inquiry: After a period of time can also be transferred out of the monitoring screen, bring up the screen the length of time according to the size of the hard disk;

5, smoke monitoring: the use of smoke sensors to monitor the smoke situation, to prevent fire;

6, gas monitoring: the use of gas sensors to monitor gas leaks, prevent leaks to avoid fire;

7, alarm linkage: anomalies can be linked with the alarm system.