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The Selection Of Infrared Light Board Mar 30, 2018

At present, most security cameras have infrared lamps installed. Although the proportion of infrared light board in the material cost of the whole machine is very small, it is very effective. Infrared LED lamp beads on the market today are particularly packaged (inline, 2835 plane, 2835 ball head, 5050 plane, 5050 ball head, 7060, imitation lumens, 3535, etc.), light board program is also much more, the price is more A big difference. This will give us the whole machine manufacturers choose infrared light board program to bring great confusion, in the end we want to design the product how to choose the appropriate infrared light board it?

   Infrared light board is only used to fill the camera with light in a dark environment. It is also a kind of LED lighting, which is just a kind of special wavelength (infrared light) LED lighting. Therefore, we still need to define it with the concept of LED lighting, and draw lessons from common LED lighting experience and solutions. Of course, this is mainly based on light, heat, electricity, and structure.

1. Light: The purpose of the infrared light board is light. We designed the power of the lamp board according to the camera's demand for light, and improved light extraction efficiency and optimized beam distribution through an optical and secondary optics (lamp cup). Many people in the industry use the number of lights to calculate the brightness, which is wrong. We should test the actual electrical power and brightness of the entire light board, and it is most accurate to use the illuminance, or to judge with the results measured by the camera.

2. Heat: Heat is the key. Heat is not resolved well and is a major factor causing LED dead lights and light failure. At the current chip level, 80% of the electrical energy is converted into heat, so the heat dissipation of the LED chip is very important. Now the good heat dissipation materials are metal and ceramic, so we generally use metal circuit board (aluminum substrate), ceramic base LED (3535 Package) is the best.

3. Electricity: Power supply management is a means. The stable drive scheme and low cost are the first choices. The size of the operating current will also affect the LED heat. According to the experience of ordinary LED lighting, the driving scheme with high voltage and low current is the best. High current through the LED chip will cause the junction temperature of the chip to be very high, and the requirement for heat dissipation is higher.

4. Structure: The LED package form and the structure of the lamp panel are very important to the design of the housing, especially the miniaturized products. Process compatibility and cost reduction are beneficial to product design. Miniaturization and high power are LED development directions, which facilitates optical processing and housing space design.

The main function of a camera is video, so our product should be based on the lens of the camera. But now on the market a lot of products, we see as if the infrared lamp beads, in the appearance of a bit weakened camera lens, strengthen the infrared light board. There is no prominent camera as the main function

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