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Home Wireless HD Wifi Camera Using Tips Mar 12, 2018

Recently, home wireless WiFi cameras have become more and more popular, bringing the security industry into every home.

        The wireless WiFi small robot camera is very simple to install and can be mounted directly on the ceiling or on the wall. Wireless camera operation is very simple, do not need wiring, directly connected to the power, can be used to set up a good WiFi, remote monitoring through mobile phones and computers anytime, anywhere, for the family, the shop is very practical and convenient. ' c8 i t K8 e" z$ ], D/ r

       How does a wireless WiFi camera look at the computer? Very simple, install the computer software, and then add the device, the LAN can be directly search and add, remote, then you have to enter the device ID, add a good drag device can be directly viewed. In the client software, the device rotation can be controlled, or the device parameters can be modified. In real-time monitoring, the default parameters can be viewed, and the mobile terminal is easier to view.